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You’ve got to find what you love (Inspirational)

This is a post which seems to be inspirational to me. I’ve learned a lot through this. So, just sharing it through the medium of “Lake Of Articles”. I think it’s a very good platform to share something which could help others also. So, this is the speech given by Mr. STEVE JOBS on the convocation of Stanford University. I ... Read More »

Understand Operating Systems and Their Types

The modern world of technology has brought us various types of computers which we are indefinitely dependent upon. All standard desktop computers to compact notebooks and tablets rely on the operating system to carry out all functions as this system is responsible for connecting or providing a link between the hardware and the software; it processes data in to understandable ... Read More »

Things to consider before purchasing your first Smartphone

Now are the days when everyone likes to have an awesome smartphone in their hands, because it’s like every other person praising their handsets/ talking about the cool apps they have in their mobile etc, and while listening you also decide that’s it, that’s really enough of it and I am really going to buy a Smartphone. Now if you ... Read More »

King of mobile phones Nokia’s Nokia-X

Now its official announcement that Nokia is jumped into the Andriod phone market and Nokia launched their Andriod phone they called it “Nokia X”. Nokia x smartphone is already available for pre-booking on electronics retailer the Mobile Store and lists the availability date as March 15. Nokia-x will be available in its three variants first one is Nokia X Dual ... Read More »

Best Three Memory Cards for the smartphones and cameras

Best Three Memory Cards for the smartphones and cameras

At this time everyone have smartphone in their hand, if you are planning for buy a smartphone then you should think about the external storage card for your phone because you will be getting internal memory in your phone up to 16 GB but that is not enough for proper utilization for that smartphone you should go for the memory ... Read More »

A website developed with an intention to offer writers share their thought

“The Pen is Mightier than a Sword” – Edward Bulwer-Lytto The aforesaid quote is well known to all of us and it is indeed true! In the age where we thrive to survive with the growth of technology that changed the whole idea of work culture and communication, the pen still seems to be the best companion to express our ... Read More »

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